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Our award-winning brewery is located in the village of Downton, with views of the Avon meadows to the East, and the spire of Salisbury Cathedral to the North.


Founded in 2003 Downton Brewery is a well established microbrewery with a reputation for consistent quality beers in a wide range of styles.

Our philosophy is to utilise the best ingredients creating a variety of styles to delight every drinker. English malts and exciting hop varieties from around the world are blended and experimented with in a range of regulars and one-off specials alike. As well as award-winning session bitters, our hop forward APAs, Imperial Stout and IPA and speciality ales ensure there is plenty of choice all year round.

We pride ourselves on being adaptable and versatile in our brewing and in running events. We are lucky to have a friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated team, passionate about beer and providing the best service to our customers.

At the same time as launching a striking new rebrand, Downton Dream was also added to our regular range, proving that we do occasionally cave in to popular demand!

Passionate brewers producing over 30 ale varieties annually between bottle and cask.

Our brewing plant produces up to 60 barrels of beer a week.

Beers produced using hops from 10 different countries (and still counting!)